Bulk Meat Sales

Our grass-fed beef comes from our herd of Hereford cattle grazed on our green pastures. We do not use growth hormones and make our animal health and comfort a top priority.

Fill your freezer with our grass-fed beef and save by buying in bulk!
Available in a variety of bulk packages:

Meat Bundles: 8-10 packages of assorted cuts of beef, including 2 packages of ground beef pattied and 2 packages ground beef non-pattied (pricing varies according to cuts and weight)

Generic Quarter: 100 lbs. Of Our Grass-fed Beef

$695.00 ($6.95/lb)

Generic Quarter includes cuts listed below. Please note: pounds are approximate and may vary slightly.

2 lbs. Tenderloin

3 lbs. Ribeye Steaks (boneless)

4 lbs. NY Sirloin Steaks (boneless)

4 lbs. Sirloin Strip Steaks

4 lbs. London Broil Steaks

5 lbs.Top Round Steaks

10 lbs. Assorted Roasts

3 lbs. Flank Steak/Skirt Steak/Kabobs

5 lbs. Stew Beef

60 lbs. Ground Beef


Sides of Beef are also available. Please ask for more detail.

**Please note that quarters and sides must be ordered in advance.