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Stop in for a Delicious New Year’s Eve Lunch!

Be sure to have a hearty meal before you go out to celebrate the new year! Today we are serving delicious Clam Chowder, Beef Chili, French Onion Soup and Buffalo Chicken Wings. Our sandwich specials include our new Apple Burger, made with our own grass-fed burger, provolone cheese and apple butter on a Kaiser roll. We are also serving a Sweet Pepper Chicken Wrap, made with our own special chicken salad, Cabot cheddar and red pepper jelly on a wrap. So many delicious choices!

Be Sure to Stop in for New Year’s Eve Supplies!

It’s New Year’s Eve! As another year comes to an end, we wish you all good health and happiness in 2013! We are grateful for your continued support and hope to see you soon in the new year!

Whatever your plans for tonight, be sure to stop in and pick up supplies for celebrating! Check out our selection of local beer and wine, including favorite varieties from Berkshire Brewing Company, The People’s Pint, Lefty’s Brewing Company and West County Cider. Local cheese offerings include Smith Country Cheese, Robinson Farm and several varieties of crowd favorite Cabot. Vermont Smoke n’ Cure Pepperoni and Summer Sausage as well as a wide selection of our own grass-fed beef and pork available too. Don’t forget to pick up some cinnamon rolls, turnovers and homemade bread for your post-celebratory breakfast!

Come in Out of the Snow for a Hearty, Homemade Lunch!

We’re open until 3pm today! if you’re out in the snow, stop in for a delicious meal! We’re serving our ever-popular Beef Chili along with a Toasted Ham and Swiss special that is made with pickles, mayo and spicy mustard on your choice of our homemade bread. We are also serving a Turkey Horseradish special, made with onions, provolone and Saw Mill Site Farm’s horseradish mustard on our red pepper herb bread. Get in out of this wintry weather and warm up by our pellet stove with a hot, hearty lunch!

Be sure to stop in on your way home to pick up a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk and any other supplies you’ll need for a winter’s night in. We have local beer and wine, sweets, apples, our own grass-fed beef, coffee and more!

Party Platters for Your New Year’s Parties!

We hope everyone had a joyous Christmas! Stop in on the day after for a delicious lunch. We are serving Hungarian Mushroom Soup, Corn Chowder, Hamburg Stew and Beef Chili. Our sandwich specials include a Spicy Maple Turkey, made with grilled turkey, onions, peppers and spicy maple dip on a wrap. We are also serving a delicious Apple Burger, featuring our own grass-fed burger, Cabot cheddar, sliced apple and our apple jelly on a Kaiser roll. Plenty of other delicious options on our menu too…stop in and check it out!

It’s not too late to order party platters for your New Year’s parties!
Our offerings include traditional meat and cheese platters, cream cheese dips, bread bowls, veggie and fruit platters, sandwich platters, hot entrees and more. We also offer dessert options such as cookie platters, assorted pies, cupcakes and more!
Don’t forget about New Year’s Day breakfast with cinnamon rolls, muffins and turnovers! Give us a call to help make your New Year’s delicious!

Delicious Sweets and Treats for your Holiday Table!

In the midst of the holiday hustle and bustle, be sure to stop in for a delicious lunch! Today we are serving a Bacon Tuna Melt, made with Cabot cheddar, tomato and bacon on your choice of our homemade bread. We are also serving a scrumptious Grilled Cheddar, made with Cabot cheddar, onions, peppers and spicy mustard on our homemade bread. We also have Beef Chili available too.

Fresh breads, pies, cookies, candy and more are coming out of the kitchen! Stop in and pick up some delicious sweets and treats for your holiday table!

Stop in for the Perfect Gift!

It’s almost Christmas! Don’t forget to stop in for any last minute gifts! Loads of local food and craft products, plus plenty of exciting stocking stuffers too! Enjoy a free cup of delicious Pierce Brother’s coffee while you shop!

Give a Gift Basket-the Gift Everyone Loves to Receive!

Happy Friday! Stop in today for delicious Vegetable Stir-Fry, Beef Chili and Split Pea Soup with Ham. Our sandwich specials include a Grilled Cheddar and Tomato, made with local Cabot cheese atop our homemade honey wheat bread. We are also serving Randi’s Favorite-grilled roast beef, Cabot cheddar, chipotle ranch dressing, pickles, and mayo on a wrap. So many delicious choices!

Need a quick gift? How about one of our pre-made gift baskets? Filled with local products, these are a gift everyone loves to receive! Have a little more time? Pick out the special items you want and we’ll create a customized basket for you while you wait!

Scrumptious Holiday Candy…Perfect for Your Holiday Party!

Today we are serving Split Pea Soup with Ham, Beef Chili and Hamburger Stew. Our sandwich specials include our Sweet Pepper Chicken Salad Wrap, made with Cabot cheddar and red pepper jelly on a wrap. We also have a grilled Roast Beef and American Melt, made with onions, peppers, mushrooms and mayo on a wrap. We also have plenty of burgers on our menu too, all made with our own grass-fed beef. Stop in for a delicious lunch today!

Delicious holiday candy and sweets! Available to mix and match by the pound…choose from homemade chocolate or peanut butter fudge, cracker candy, white chocolate almond candy and peppermint bark, to name a few. Perfect for those holiday parties and luncheons!

Take a Break from the Holiday Hustle and Bustle for a Hearty Lunch at Hagers!

Today is a great day for a relaxing lunch at Hagers! Cozy up near the pellet stove and enjoy a delicious Toasted Ham and Swiss, made with spicy mustard on your choice of our homemade bread. We are also serving a hearty Grilled Roast Beef and Cheddar, featuring our homemade sweet red pepper jelly on our cheddar black pepper bread. Our hot choices include Macaroni & Cheese,
American Chop Suey and Hamburger Stew. So many delicious choices!

We’re still shipping! Call or stop in to have us ship out a box to family and friends! We ship priority so there’s a good chance your package will beat Santa! Anytime is a great time to receive a gift!

Maple Cream….the ideal gift for everyone on your list!

Come in out of the rain for a delicious bowl of American Chop Suey, Beef Chili or Creamy Carrot and Parsnip Soup. Our sandwich specials include our Turkey Cranberry, made with Cabot cheddar, cranberry sauce and mayo on our homemade cranberry-eggnog bread. We also have a Bacon Tuna Melt, topped with tomato and bacon and served on your choice of our homemade bread. Take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle with a delicious lunch at Hagers!

Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who is hard to buy for? How about a jar of our pure maple cream! Creamy and delicious…the ideal gift for the person who has everything!
Stop in and check out all the special, unique and local gifts we carry!